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"...You Grow It   -  You Know It..."
Andy Pollock

In Memorandum

This site is dedicated in memory of our good friend, Andy Pollock, creator of the "Pollock Tomato"  (see Salt Spring Seeds in our  Canadian Seed Supplier Section)

And - as  Andy stressed - he wanted this website to be for "all persons who want to be "in charge" of their food supply." ..."and it starts with the seeds..."

Andy Pollock.  Gardener Extraordinaire and an Extraordinary Person!  
He is greatly missed by ALL his friends and acquaintances.

Andy always enjoyed "passing" along gardening information to help "new" gardeners.  One of his wishes is that this may continue through this website.  This website gives Andy a little nickname - "V.I.G."   Very Important Gardener  

Andy never thought of himself as a "V.I.G."  but, when described as such - he believed every gardener was a "V.I.G."

Andy tried to take the "technical" out of gardening,  or at least minimize it.  He was extremely well read and knew that "technical" has it's place - but, he liked to try to use a lot of common sense and simply get down to the basics.  He was pretty sure that once a "new" gardener got some dirt (yes, I know, technically - soil) on their hands and under their fingernails - he felt the individual would be "hooked" (in a very good way).  Then, the individual could and would begin to learn more, research, ask questions and begin the  fantastic journey of becoming a Gardener!  (a "V.I.G.")

Often, so much more learning occurs AFTER a person begins to get involved in an activity.  

Andy was passionate about several things - some being;
- helping anyone
- helping animals, especially stray dogs (multiple stray dogs)!
- gardening
- cooking - you name it
- building / almost anything!

And he was very, very good at all the above!

Andy with one of his "Pollock Tomato" plants

This little website may help folks learn about gardening. ... or at least, maybe something interesting.  Especially vegetable gardening, and organic vegetable gardening.  ... and all of this in a climate zone (northern Houston, British Columbia, Canada) (where Andy lived out his remaining wonderful years)  that is cooler and considerably shorter than many other areas of North America.

Andy Pollock was "working on" creating several specialty seeds, the most notable is the Pollock Tomato.  This great tomato, amongst other things, can withstand approximately three degrees of frost!  

As we build this web site we will continue to add more information on all aspects of gardening.   ... and not only that, but as a bonus - Andy was one heck of a cook and pastry baker.  ... We will put some of his recipes on this web site for you to gather and try out.  ... with some ingredients from your own, organic, garden.

This IS a young website so please bare with us AND  continue to check back from time to time to watch the site grow ... with lots of care and love.  Which is just how Andy treated his garden, his several "rescued" dogs, and all his friends.

 ... Andy, simply loved life ...

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