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2021 Seed Supplier List
2021 Alphabetical Seed Supplier List and Contact Information


T & T Seeds Ltd. (Canada, est. 1946)
     Tel: 204-895-9964
     Box 1710
     Winnipeg, Manitoba
       Canada, R3C 3P6

     - large variety of sees and plants
     - herbal and health products

Maple Farm  (Canada, est. 1989)
     Tel: 506-734-3361
     129 Beech Hill Road
     Weldon, New Brunswick
       Canada, E4H 4N5

     - short-season sweetpotatoes 
     - Distinctive tomatoes, Jerusalem, Chinese Artichokes
     - Horseradish, Garden Soybeens and more

Matchbox Garden and seed Co. (Canada, est. 2006)
     Tel: 226-920-4974

     - heirloom and rare, open-pollinated seeds
     - 90 plus varieties of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers
     - sustainably grown
     - your recipe can only be as good as the raw ingredients

McKenzie Seed Co. Ltd. (Canada, est. 1900)
     Tel: 800-665-6340
     1000 Parker Blvd.
     Brandon, Manitoba
       Canada, R7A 6E1

     - owners of McFayden Seeds
     - sells in stores only
     - no online sales

Metchosin Farm Sees (Canada)
     542 Wooton Road
     Metchosin, B.C.
       Canada, V9C 3Z

Mount Royal Seeds (Canada)


     - quality tree an shrub seeds
     - selective woodland plant and flower seeds

Mountain Grove Seed Company (Canada, est. 2010)
     Tel: 613-876-8383
     Email: mountaingroveseed@gmailcom
     Parham, Ontario
       Canada, K0H 2K0

     - organic principles
     - chemical free
     - mail order / local outlets
     - variety of heirloom
     - Local Historic Seeds

Mumm's Sprouting Seeds (Canada, est. 1983)
     Tel: 4306-747-2935
     Box 80
     Parkside, Saskatchewan
       Canada, S0J 2A0

     - grower of sprouting seeds for home grower and commercial markets

Mycoflor (Canada, est. 1977)
     Tel: 819-876-1077
     7850 Chemin Stage
     Stanstead, Quebec
       Canada, J0B 3E0

     - medicinal plants
     - GMO Free
     - vegetables and herbs

   Canadian Alphabetical Seed & Garden Supplier List  (we do our best to keep this    list current - however for a variety of reasons we cannot guarantee that it always is.

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