Pollock Tomato - beginnings

Andy Pollock, of Houston, B.C., created a new, excellent, variety of tomato.  This is a hardy, slightly frost resistant and excellent tasting tomato - ideal in all climates but especially so in the cooler regions of northern Canada. 

… below, in Andy's own words is really how it began.

by Andy Pollock, 

"… Bonny Best Tomato - Introduced by Department of Agriculture, Canada, in 1908 …"

"In 1980 I planted Bonny Best Tomatoes.

In the spring of the following year I found a volunteer of the aforementioned tomato (and) out of curiosity I left it in place.  The plant grew to about two feet in height and the same (in) diameter.  (It) set some thirty plus fruit, ongoing through that summer.  The fruit was about average weight and excellent (of) flavour.

I have been growing and selecting this tomato exclusively ever since.  My garden is isolated from any other gardens by one thousand to fifteen hundred feet (and) at an altitude of three thousand feet, and located a short distance north of the fifty-fourth parallel.

Each spring I plant from 250 - 400 seeds.  Prior to planting I spread some 2-3 oz. of seed out on a sheet covered table.  I then pick out seed 2-3 times larger than average.  These become my select Pollock Variety seeds.  Of the seeds planted I choose only first five dozen plants to sprout.  (these were marked with toothpicks) Now, some thirty years later, I have the first plants breaking ground in 3 1/2 to 4 days. Selected plants are then transplanted to 4" pots with half the height of the stem buried.

When (the) plants reach twelve inches or better, they are again transplanted to six inch pots - again, burying half the height of the stem.  

When (the) plants reach sixteen to thirty inches, thirty-six of the fifty early sprouting plants are selected.  These plants go to (an) unheated greenhouse without hardening off.  Twenty-four are planted, One doz. in each greenhouse.

No heat is used in (the) greenhouses until mid to late fall to extend (the) season.  … (what doesn't kill you makes you stronger)…

In 2010 I harvested two hundred and sixty-five pounds (of) fruit from twenty-four Pollock Tomato plants and fifty-six pounds (of) green fruit which were ripened on window sills in my living room. (ate last tomatoes on December 18, 2010)

The Pollock Tomato is named after my family (Pollock) from Scotland (circa 1700)  (NOT FROM MEXICO) as noted on Myafolia gardeners Wiki. & Matt Middletons Tomato Pollock seeds care and instructions

Plants can grow to ten feet or better, also extremely wide.  I have had reports of tomatoes to two pounds!  (I have) also heard from two reliable sources that (the) Pollock Tomato is blight resistant."

Sub Variety - Buck Flats Wonder which is slightly more frost hardy to 2 - 3 degrees of frost.


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